2016 SFFL All-Pro's
League MVP David Johnson Bearheads 434 points
1st Team
QB Aaron Rodgers Know Your Damn Roles 424 points
RB David Johnson Bearheads 434 points
RB Le'Veon Bell Wide Right 355 points
WR Odell Beckham The Arch Angels 315 points
WR Antonio Brown Wide Right 311 points
TE Travis Kelce The Dark Knight 356 points
K Justin Tucker The Blackouts 162 points
Team D Cardinals Defense Wheaton Road Warriors 201 points
2nd Team
QB Drew Brees The Blackouts 421 points
RB Ezekiel Elliott Wheaton Road Warriors 354 points
RB LeSean McCoy The Arch Angels 323 points
WR Jordy Nelson Know Your Damn Roles 302 points
WR Mike Evans The Dark Knight 293 points
TE Greg Olsen Wheaton Road Warriors 311 points
K Matt Bryant New Kids On Da Block 159 points
Team D Panthers Defense The Blackouts 195 points
3rd Team
QB Matt Ryan Back In Time 394 points
RB DeMarco Murray Back In Time 304 points
RB Melvin Gordon The One Leap For Mankind 261 points
WR T.Y. Hilton Back In Time 289 points
WR Julio Jones Bearheads 289 points
TE Jimmy Graham New Kids On Da Block 269 points
K Adam Vinatieri Bearheads 131 points
Team D Broncos Defense Big Data 191 points