Bellevue Country Club (7/12/2020)

Course Ratings / Slope Ratings:
   White Tees: 70.3 / 130

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    #1 - 413 Yards - Par 4 (Driver)

    Straightforward straight par 4
    Out of bounds on the left
    Marsh pond off to the right in driver landing area, but way right
    Slight uphill 2nd shot
    Green slopes left to right

    #2 - 365 Yards - Par 4 (Driver)

    Uphill par 4, straight, but creek crosses the fairway
    Need a good drive to carry the creek (~230 at least)
    Creek runs deeper on the left compared to the right
    Not a really good landing spot for your second shot, lies are all uphill
    Then uphill shot to the green
    Green is protected on both front sides by bunkers

    #3 - 95 Yards - Par 3 (Scoring Wedge)

    Very short par 3, but does play uphill
    Bunkers on the left of the green
    Green is multi-tiered and slopes back to front

    #4 - 418 Yards - Par 4 (Driver)

    Downhill drive slight dogleg to the right
    Not much error allowed approaching the green - long is OB and bunkers are on both sides

    #5 - 475 Yards - Par 5 (Driver)

    Uphill par 5, makes this a long hole
    Even with a good drive, you still are looking at 3 shots into the green which is a slight dogleg left
    With 2nd shot, aim at the big tree straight ahead, will give you a good angle into the gree

    #6 - 345 Yards - Par 4 (3-Wood)

    Straight par 4
    Trees off to the left, but smartly placed trees on the right offer obstructed views
    Bunkers on both sides short of the green
    Green slopes back to front

    #7 - 136 Yards - Par 3 (8-Iron)

    Downhill par 3, but plays longer than you think
    Bunkers surround the green on all sides

    #8 - 359 Yards - Par 4 (3-Wood)

    Beautiful hole, downhill, but green is protected by water
    Long drive could hit the water

    #9 - 373 Yards - Par 4 (Driver)

    Dogleg right
    Drive must clear a marsh pond
    Best drive stays middle to left of fairway
    Use driver with a high fade, aim straight out into the practice range

    #10 - 471 Yards - Par 5 (Driver)

    Long par 5 with a dogleg left up near the green
    Tough green to reach in 2 because it is uphill too
    Best position for approach into the green is to be middle to right of the fairway - takes trees out of play cutting the angle

    #11 - 347 Yards - Par 4 (3-Wood)

    Narrow fairway with somewhat of a blind landing spot
    Slight dogleg to the left
    Fairway bunkers on both sides of the landing zones
    Fairway bunker on the left cannot be seen, but if you try to cut the tree line on the left, then you'll hit it
    Trees do open up just before the green

    #12 - 488 Yards - Par 5 (Driver)

    Right angle dogleg to the right
    Bunkers on the right off the fairway in the landing zone
    Driver probably too much if hit straight
    If you can hit the high fade to the right, then driver may be OK
    Fairway then narrows into the green which is slightly elevated compared to the fairway

    #13 - 178 Yards - Par 3 (5-Iron)

    Long par 3, but plays right about 180
    Danger to the right and long, best miss is left
    Green slopes back to front

    #14 - 358 Yards - Par 4 (3-Wood)

    Nice, picturesque par 4
    Longer drives can run into the rocks ahead
    Best play is a long fade, but there is a high rock mound just at the dogleg right
    Ideal position is just left of that - will give you no more than 100-125 yards into the green

    #15 - 153 Yards - Par 3 (8-Iron)

    Straightforward, downhill par 3
    Usually plays longer than it looks
    Hill slopes down towards the green on the left, but slope is so great that shots here are tricky because of the speed
    5 Bunkers surround the green
    Best play is simple, just hit the green

    #16 - 434 Yards - Par 4 (Driver)

    Straight par 4
    Simple - hit the middle of the fairway

    #17 - 316 Yards - Par 4 (Fairway Wood)

    Very slight dogleg left up at the green
    Best placement off the tee is mid-right fairway otherwise trees may prevent you from going at the pin
    Two bunkers protect the green short

    #18 - 433 Yards - Par 4 (Driver)

    Classic finishing hole
    Long par 4, but straight
    Bunkers on the left of the green, but right is wide open if you miss there
    Ideal drive is just left of the big fairway bunker on the right
    Green area is wide open, very forgiving for a miss